Habbo Hotel - safety information


Keeping an eye on bad language

While we want all the hotel guests to enjoy themselves and talk about whatever they want, there are some topics of conversation and words that may cause offence to others. For this reason Habbo Hotel uses a technical filter that replaces certain words and phrases with the word 'bobba' - the Bobba Filter.

Which parts of the hotel are filtered?
The Bobba Filter is turned on in areas of the hotel, even in the Habbos' own rooms (private rooms).

The filter covers general conversation, Habbo names, and private room names and descriptions. The filter does not allow Habbos to register unacceptable names for themselves or their rooms - the words are rejected, rather than replaced with 'bobba'.

What sort of language is filtered?
Anything that goes against the Habbo Way - this includes swearing, racism and explicit sexual comments. The Bobba Filter is constantly updated - sometimes several times a day - with new words and terms.

We constantly make additions to and improve both our technical and human systems, but it you see something that offends you, please email us straightaway.

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