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Soap Credits

What are credits?
Credits are Soap's currency. They are used to buy furni, play games and decorate your room.

How do I earn credits?
When you are in a room you can earn 150 credits every 15 minutes. You are not allowed to farm, if you're caught farming you may be banned.

How do I get more credits?
You can earn more coins by participating in staff competitions or trading with your friends.

How do I know how many credits I have?
Credits are stored in your Soap-purse.


Can I buy more credits?
As of now right now we do not sell any Soap currency.
If you would like to donate contact Hulk#3185 on Discord. Donations help us pay server fees.

Soaps in the hotel:
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Check-In Problems?

Shockwave was discontinued, so the only way to get online is:

How To Get Started:


Download: Shockwave 12.3

- Download:
Pale Moon 32-bit
- Create your Soap Character, name & password

If you have any questions about Soap, you should read the FAQ pages.