Habbo Hotel - Popular Problems


  Common problems

Before reporting a bug, please check through some of the most common problems that you may encounter in Habbo Hotel.

Alert: "Out of memory ...."

When loading Habbo Hotel - or afterwards - you may get an alert saying "Out of memory even after purging all cast members ..". Habbo Hotel has loads of graphics that consume your computer memory (RAM) and the alert means that there is not enough free memory for Habbo to work.

Troubleshooting: In many cases, following tricks help:

a) close your browser and other applications (such as word processor, spreadsheet, mp3-player). Now open your browser and try Habbo again.

b) restart the computer. Often, when your computer has been in use for long periods, memory gets full.

You see only black page and Shockwave-logo

When clicking "Let's Go" you see the Shockwave loading-bar but it never finishes and you see only a black page. This is caused - as the first problem - because of insufficient memory. See last section for troubleshooting help.

Alert "Disconnect" when trying to register or login

If you always get "Disconnect" during login or when trying to register, your problem is caused by a firewall in your network. Firewalls are software that many companies install on their network for security purposes. Firewalls typically prevent all connections from outside to the local network and also many limit the ways computer inside the local network can connect to other servers in internet. So, firewalls are guardians between company network and the worldwide internet.

Probably your company firewall allows only typical web-browsing in internet but not persistent real-time connections as Habbo Hotel and - for example - video streams and net radiostations use.

Troubleshooting: ask your IT-support people for help. If you have SOCKS-type of firewall, software called SOCKSCAP may help you.

When in a room, body parts of people missing ..

This is not dangerous! Sometimes, when hanging out a longer time in a busy room, people or furniture may lose some of their parts. Also the balloons may start behaving weirdly.

This is a known problem we are working hard to solve! You can get rid of the problem by going to the room again, i.e loading it again.