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Keeping in touch - safely

You're bound to make some great friends in the hotel and naturally you'll want to keep in touch. The Habbo Console lets you do this without ever needing to exchange any personal details, such as email addresses or mobile numbers.

How does the Console work?
Every habbo has his or her own Console, located at the bottom of the screen. To send a message to another habbo, you must first ask them to become your friend, by sending a Friend Request from the Console. Once this request is accepted, they will be added to your Friends List.

You can send instant messages, email or SMS to your Habbo Friends using your Console. Instant messages are great when your mates are online, but when they are not signed into the hotel, email and SMS is even better!

When sending or receiving email or SMS from the Habbo Console, all details remain secret. You need only give your details once when you register - Habbo Hotel keeps these secure and does not use them for any other purpose.

The Habbo Console lets you know that someone is trying to reach you with a flashing '!' and a sound.

What if I don't want to be friends anymore?
If you fall out with one of your Habbo Friends for any reason, you can easily remove them from your Friends List. As soon as you have done this they will no longer be able to send you email, SMS or instant messages. Just think - if you had given them your email address and mobile number, you would have to hope that they forget or lose them!

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