Habbo Hotel - safety information


Hands-on moderation - the Hobbas

We recognise that although technical methods of moderation are very useful tools, there is no substitute for a human, hands-on approach. And this is why there are moderators - known as Hobbas - in the hotel at all times.

Who are the hobbas and what can they do?
Hobbas are recruited from habbos who have been hanging out in the hotel for a long time and who have impeccable records of behaviour. They are people who know the hotel inside out and who like to help other habbos, both when they are in trouble and when they need to find out something about the hotel. In addition, there is a top tier of hobbas, made up of Habbo Hotel's Community Managers.

Hobbas can give warnings to misbehaving habbos and if not heeded, they can kick them out of rooms, or ban them from the hotel for specified lengths of time. Persistent offenders risk being banned permanently.

Hobbas are easily identified by the stars next to their names. The more experienced hobbas have gold stars.

How do I contact a hobba?
To summon a hobba at any time of the day or night, simply use the 'Call for help' function, located in the blue question mark at the bottom of the screen. This sends out an instant alert to all online hobbas - one of whom will come to your aide.

The 'Call for help' is Habbo Hotel's '999' service - please only use it in emergencies. For general questions about the hotel, feel free to approach a hobba directly, whenever you see them in the hotel.

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