Introduction to Habbo Hotel


What is Habbo Hotel?

At Habbo Hotel you can interact with other people just as you would offline, except that you are not limited by anything like location or time.

Habbo Hotel is a chill-out space where you can hang out with your friends. Guests are represented in the hotel by a personal figure called a Habbo. This hotel is primarily for teens in the UK, but everyone is welcome.

Habbo Hotel isn't just about chatting. You actually walk or dance your way between bars, clubs, pubs and games halls. If you want to speak to someone, you have to be standing near enough for them hear you, unless you want to shout. Just as you'd get a drink in a normal café or pub, you can order one at one of our bars - just one thing: Habbo Hotel is alcohol-free.

You only tell people as much about yourself as you want, so no one's going to judge you - just chat from an equal basis, right from the start.

It's not hard to break into conversation for the first time - just walk right up and introduce yourself and you'll soon find a friend who has something in common with you. And you don't have to chat to everyone, or anyone! We do our best to keep the place safe, and nobody can gain access to your instant messenger account on your Habbo Console unless you authorise it - see our Habbo Pledge.

Although only people you give permission to can send you messages on the Habbo Console, it allows you to send email and SMS without sharing your personal details. You can take your own room at the hotel too, and that, likewise, can be open to all, a few or none - just as you want.

So use the hotel for whatever you want - as a messenger, email system, chatroom, place to hang out with your friends or to meet new people. It's up to you. Habbo Hotel is a place where you can be whoever you want to be. And yes, there are a few rules, but only to make the experience safe and fun for as many Habbos as possible. Enjoy!

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