Habbo Hotel - Pledge



Here at Habbo Hotel we want everyone to have a good time online, so we promise to keep your hotel as safe as we can. As well as keeping a close eye on the hotel, we have appointed special Habbos to look out for other users - they're called Hobbas and wear a special badge, which you can see if you click on them. If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened in Habbo Hotel, just press the Call button, and one will come straight away. Hobbas are there to help everyone, so please don't bug them - they have a job to do - but if you need a hand, step right up.

We also keep you safe from spam emails and SMS. No one can message you unless you give them permission to do so by accepting a Buddy Request in your Habbo Console. So think hard before you add someone new to your Habbo Console list and don't tell them personal details about your life outside Habbo Hotel.

And Habbo Hotel won't spam you either. We only add you to our email lists if you ask us to and we promise not to sell or share your personal data - like your email address - to any outside companies too. You're safe with us - relax and enjoy the hotel!

For full details of our Privacy Policy please click here.