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Chat in safety in Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel is a great place to hang out and make new friends. But if you're worried about safety - don't be! We've worked hard to make sure that the hotel is a safe place and if you follow our rules, you too can relax and have fun!

We've used a variety of technical and hands-on methods to make sure the hotel is safe - these are outlined below. For more information, please click the links at the end of each outline.

Top chat tips
Follow these and chat in safety. They won't stop you enjoying yourself, but they will keep you safe (and your parents happy).
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Hotel moderators
The hotel is patrolled at all times by 'Hobbas', who are there to offer help and advice. Habbos can send an emergency call out to them at any time, by using our 'Call for help' function.
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Bad language
Habbo Hotel uses technology to filter out bad language and offensive comments, replacing banned words with 'bobba'.
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Habbo Console
We provide every habbo with a Console which keeps you in contact with your Habbo Hotel friends. Most importantly, it lets you email and SMS them without the need to swap email addresses or mobile numbers.
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Happy Habboing!

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