Habbo Hotel - The Habbo Way



April 17, 2001 

Habbo Hotel is a place where people come to relax, bug out and meet new people in a safe, non-threatening environment.

It's very simple:


  • Swear or use sexually graphic names or insults
  • Pester people who don't want to talk to you
  • Give personal information to people you don't know
  • Break the law in the hotel or talk others into breaking it


  • Hang out with your friends, without travelling to meet them
  • Respect other people's views and beliefs
  • Be whoever you want to be - there's no need to be shy in the hotel

That's all we ask - now enjoy your Habbo Hotel! For more information on how we work to make the hotel as safe as possible, and what you can do yourself, please read our Safety Guidelines.

Habbo Hotel reserves the right to use any means, whether technical or human, to uphold the Habbo Way. The Habbo Hotel management also reserves the right to refuse admission and may report anyone who breaks the law to the authorities (yes, that means the police).

For a full list of Terms and Conditions on using the Habbo Hotel, please click here.