Habbo Hotel tour


Main page

This is the main page of Habbo Hotel. Here you can use the Hotel Navigator (1.) to see how many people are in the different public spaces in the hotel and have a look at who's in guest rooms owned by individual Habbos.

Come back to the Hotel Navigator at any time to move between rooms. You can open the navigation system anywhere inside Habbo Hotel from the little hotel icon (2.).

Here you can enter the public spaces of Habbo Hotel (3.) - they include the café, pub, nightclub and games hall.

By clicking here (4.) you can enter the privately owned rooms, if the owner has given permission for you or all Habbos to do so.

Your name and mission are shown here (5.). Other Habbos can view this information by clicking on the picture of your Habbo when you're inside the hotel. By clicking on the link here you can change your character data.

This button (6.) opens your Habbo Console. This is the easiest way to keep in touch with your Habbo Friends, no matter where they are. When you visit, you can see if they are online at the same time, and send them an instant message no matter where they are in the hotel. And if they're not in the hotel, they can pick up emails or SMS and rush down to join you!

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