Habbo Hotel tour


Getting Around

Café Olé is one of the Hotel Habbo's public spaces. All public spaces work in a similar way. You can walk around the room by clicking on the tile on the floor where you want to end up. If you want to sit on a chair, click on the tile under the chair. To get a drink, click on a tile at the counter and wait for your waitress, Maria, to come to you. Then ask her for a drink - they're all free!

To speak to Maria or another Habbo, start typing in the textbox (1.) at the bottom of the screen, then press enter.

You can select whether you're talking, whispering or shouting from the dropdown menu (2.) to the left of the textbox. If you're close to someone, select 'say'. If you're further away, they won't hear you, so choose 'shout'. If it's a secret, stand right next to someone and select 'whisper'.

If you're not sure who someone is, just click on their Habbo image and you'll see their details on the platform at the right of the screen (3.).

If you want to dance, click on your character and a dance button will appear below the details area. Click that button to dance and click it again to stop dancing.

Click on the icon here (4.) to open your Habbo Console.

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