Habbo Hotel tour


Find a Friend

Looking for someone? If you want to know where a particular Habbo is, just type their name in the box at the top of this screen and click on 'search' (1.). You'll be able to see when they were last in the hotel and where they are now.

If you've both filled in your Habbo Profiles, you'll also see a Habbo Profile Match number. The higher this is, the better the match between you. If it's 100, it's a match made in Heaven!

When you've found the Habbo you're looking for, why not ask them to become your friend? If they accept your Friend Request, they'll be added to your Friends List and you'll be able to exchange messages through your Habbo Consoles.

Click here to close your Habbo Console. (2.)

Click here to leave Café Olé. (3.).

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