Habbo Hotel tour


Guest room

Each room looks different because it's furnished by the Habbo who owns it. Graphics in guest rooms are twice the size of those in the public spaces to make them cosier and more personal. You move about and chat just as you did in the public spaces. Many rooms have Stickies on the walls - messages from previous visitors or the owner of the room. Just click on one to read it.

Down at the bottom of the screen, you'll see another icon, next to the Habbo Console. It's a catalogue of all the furniture you can buy to furnish a personal room. It's not expensive, but you pay for it to make your choices more personal - a real expression of your Habbo personality.

In addition to your Habbo Console, you'll find a hand which contains all the stuff you own - it should be empty to begin with!

On the central navigation, you'll see a purse icon at the bottom of the screen. Click here to find out about the various ways to buy furniture and to keep track of your Habbo account. (1.).

If you have bought items from the Catalogue and are getting bored with them you can trade them with other Habbos using the secure trading function.

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